Cascade Club of Tacoma
Previous Speakers at our
Tacoma Cascade Club noon meetings
from the Fall of 2017 to the present.


Sept 20th 2022

Peter Cook

The Titanic – The rest of the story

Sept 13th 2022

First Meeting of the Fall of 2022 Season

with David Cotant presiding

Victor Hogan
Member Steilacoom School Board

On Steilacoom Schools, School Protection
and School Board Responsibilities

2022 Summer Hiatus


I believe it went exceptionally well, with 60 people including guests, and about 30 vehicles. Entertainment was exceptional. Thanks Bud for setting this up. Though it was very funny that my very lush lawn, which has thousands of hidden worms buried below, one big one decided to escape and scare the “Memphis Belles” ladies. Mary Muri also had a good time which is critical, if I am going to get permission from the “house boss” to do this again next year, if that is what the board wants. We also went “first class” on our choice of caterer. We have used Brank’s BBQ out of Sumner now three times in the past two years. Awesome food for a reasonable price.

Goal was to keep it under $30 per person. Looks like we made that goal. On an interesting note, attendees drank a lot more white wine this year than last year. Must have been the warm weather which makes white wine on ice a very good choice. I give the event an A+.
Everything went perfectly!

May 24th 2022

The Final Noon Meeting of the Spring Season

Matthew Hayward, National Outreach Director
Freedom Foundation

Advancing Individual Liberty

May 17th 2022

Craig Rhyne, President of FreedomCivics

Battling the rise of socialism in our schools

May 10th 2022

Don Doman

Hannibal over the Alps

May 3rd 2022

Spring Break scheduled

Enjoy the Florida beaches?

Apr 26th 2022

Our own Jim Tutton, Executive Director
of Washington Movers Conference

The ins and outs of the moving industry