Newsletters from September of 2021
thru the Spring of 2022


On another typical rainy and breezy Spring day, we heard from our member, Jim Tutton, Executive Director of the Washington Movers Association who told us of how the business of household movers is subject to regulations which are intended to protect customers from unscrupulous unregistered movers. The Attorney General of Washington is charged with the responsibility of enforcing compliance with those regulations. Washington State regulates intrastate shipping whereas if the destination of the move is outside the State of Washington, Federal regulations apply. A major problem is with movers who are not duly registered and operate illegally which leaves victims of their misdeeds without protection. Drivers and employees of moving companies are subject to background checks and they are regularly tested for drugs and alcohol.
The rates movers may charge are based on the mileage of the move: under 55 miles, charges are based on hourly rates. For moves over 55 miles, charges are based on tariffs for weight and distance. Customers must be given a written estimate of charges signed by both the mover and the customer. An inventory of all goods to be moved must be taken and all existing damage should be noted in the event of disputes that arise. Customers have 90 days post move to file claims for damage. There are 3 choices for how the total fees are to be calculated:
  1.  a basic rate of 60 cents per pound
  2.  the whole value of the goods with a $300 deductible and
  3.  the full value of the goods.

Mr. Tutton strongly urged all customers to deal only with registered movers, which can be verified by the UTC ( He related several instances in which law enforcement does not have the man-power to investigate theft, etc. and stressed the need to deal only with duly licensed and registered movers.



MEETING OF MAY 10, 2022: Don Doman on Hannibal crossing over the Alps. (those who have heard him speak before strongly recommend this presentation.)

MEETING OF MAY 17, 2022: Craig Rhyne, President of Freedom Council on “Battling the rise of socialism in our schools”. This promises to be a lively presentation.



Our attendance this season has been lower than in past years because of the COVID pandemic and the lack of incentive for our snowbirds to return to our soggy area. President Bud Winter and the Board request all members to make recommendations for increasing our membership and our attendance. We have a slate of excellent speakers for the balance of this season but to keep them coming, we need to assure them that we will have more than a handful of attendees.

We also need volunteers to assist with the ZOOM broadcast. Our Vice President, David Cotant and Past President Dick Muri have been operating the ZOOM equipment. David just had knee replacement surgery and will be unavailable for a few more weeks, so without someone coming forth to assist, we may not be able to broadcast the remaining meetings on ZOOM.

This year is the 99th year of our club. Let’s all strive to wrap it up with a bang !

Respectfully submitted, Phil Sloan, scribe who is thankful that he has not moved from his present home for over 44 years.



On another rainy day, the biggest crowd of this year assembled to hear Anthony Shipman, director of sales, Chambers Bay Golf Course/Club – Hosts for the 2022 U.S. Women’s Amateur Golf Championship tell us about the upcoming event which will be televised nationally from August 8 – 14. 156 of the best amateur women will be competing. Admission is free! Although they project much smaller crowds than. attended the U. S. Men’s Open which introduced the course to the world in 2015, the television broadcast crews will be the same. They need volunteers to assist and anyone interested should contact this link.

This is what you can volunteer for:

Tournament Schedule
156 player field

August 6-7: Practice Rounds 12-25 volunteers needed each day
August 8: Qualifying round #1 (Stroke play) 250-350 volunteers needed
August 9: Qualifying round #2 (Stroke play) 250-350 volunteers needed
August 10: Round of 32 (Match play) 150-250 volunteers needed
August 11: Round of 16/Round of 8 (Match play) 75-100 volunteers needed
August 12: Quarterfinal (Match play) 50-75 volunteers needed
August 13: Semifinal (Match play) 25-50 volunteers needed
August 14: Final Match 12-25 volunteers needed

To prepare for this tournament, Mr. Shipman attended The Masters at Augusta, Georgia recently. He gave us such a glowing review of the tournament and the course that even us non-golfers now want to go next year.

He reviewed the history of Chambers Bay and the many political issues which had to be overcome to get the course and its amenities built. The course is now doing very well and its reputation is known across the golfing world.

Scribe’s note: I apologize for the brevity of this summary of a very informative and entertaining talk because somehow my notes disappeared into a black hole. I was going to say my dog ate them, but I don’t have a dog and my cat refused to cooperate. There is a lot of interesting information on the Chambers Bay Golf Course web site.


MEETING OF APRIL 26, 2022: OUR MEMBER JIM TUTTON, Executive Director of the Washington Movers Conference returns to tell us more about the “Ins and Outs of the Moving Industry”. Time expired when he spoke to us recently and we still had plenty of questions to be asked.

MEETING OF MAY 3, 2022: Topic & Speaker TO BE ANNOUNCED

SAVE THIS DATE: July 13, 2022: Spring fling at the home of Cascadian Dick Muri


According to Cascade Club rules, the names of applicants to our club must be published twice in the newsletter. If there are objections to the application, they must be submitted within a week after the second publication. The Board will then vote on the application.

We have had a recent upsurge in interest by prospective members. All members are encouraged to bring their friends to help us “build back” (as those in Washington D.C. might say) our membership.

This is the second posting of the applications of retired Judge Jack Emery sponsored by members Jones and Sloan as well as Jeffrey Goodwin sponsored by his father-in-law, Dr. Lloyd Elmer.

Respectfully submitted, Phil Sloan, scribe, who musta’ done or said something??



Another nice group in person and a few Zoomers heard a valuable presentation which could possibly save your life or the life of a loved one by Scott Adams, Assistant Chief of the West Pierce Fire and Rescue Department and Dave Emmons, a veteran firefighter and paramedic, who has been with the department for over 20 years. Their topics were ways for people in medical emergencies to make it easier for responders to 911 calls to quickly gain entry into homes without forcibly entering and causing damage and to access vital information about the person’s health history to expedite their attending to the emergency.

They distributed forms to the attendees which provide means to give that information to the responders. To obtain those forms, directions are included herein and if you advise Phil Sloan by email at, he will give you directions as to how to obtain them. We recommend that each of us do this.

911 calls for health emergencies result in EMTs/paramedics responding plus at least two people on a ladder truck in case their services are also needed. All callers to 911 are directed to remain calm and, if possible, assist in giving the responders access to the medical records, etc. of the victim. They strongly recommend that everyone should complete a POLST (Portable Orders for life-Sustaining Treatment) form which is a directive to health care providers regarding further medical intervention. NOTE: that form must be completed with a health professional. The form and more information are available on the Washington Medical Association’s site: .

They recommended that we purchase a KnoxHomeBox which is a lock box to be placed at the entrance to your home and in which you place a key to your home and which only the Fire Department can open. The website KNOXBOX.COM has a sales brochure and a price list. You may also call 855-438-5669. Phil Sloan purchased one. Its price, including taxes and shipping was $247.00.

Another invaluable resource is a bright red plastic pouch named FILE OF LIFE which contains a form for you to list your Emergency Contacts, Medical History, Medications and Medical conditions. If you are on MyChart through Multicare or Franciscan, you might include a copy of your Health Summary. It is recommended that the pouch be placed on your refrigerator door or in its freezer.

Assistant Chief Adams told us about West Pierce CARES, a non-profit organization which gathers contributions from the public and the District’s employees to help folks who have suffered loss from a fire, etc. and need a forced door replaced or have other immediate needs for which public funds may not be used. For more info see .


Meeting of April 19, 2022: Anthony Shipman, Director of Sales, Chambers Bay Golf Course/Club Host for The 2022 U. S. Women’s Amateur Golf Championship. Note: This presentation has been very popular in past years with wives so bring your wife or significant other.

Meeting of April 26, 2022: Our own Jim Tutton, Executive Director of Washington Movers Conference on The ins and outs of the moving industry.

Save the date: On, or about, July 13, Spring Fling at the home of Dick Muri

We have pending applications for membership from Jack Emery, Judge retired and Jeff Goodwin, son-in-law of Dr. Lloyd Elmer.

We also had a guest this date who has indicated he is going to submit an application. His name will be revealed later.

Respectfully Submitted: Chuck Foster and Phil Sloan, co-scribes who strongly encourage you to follow the recommendations of today’s speakers.



A good sized crowd survived the windstorms of the last couple days and along with several others on ZOOM gathered to hear the stories of Jack van Ommen, the now 85 year old sailor from Gig Harbor who single handed a circumnavigation of the globe (in stages) over several years in a 30’ wooden sailboat he built from a kit. The windstorms we experienced here were traumatic to many of us and especially our spouses, but paled when compared to the storm Jack experienced off an island in Spain which drove him onto rocks as he was anchored and asleep. His boat was pulverized and he escaped with only his laptop, camera, wallet and passport. That was his first shipwreck and he has had 2 more since then. Like the energizer bunny, he is planning on replacing his boat and taking off again at age 85.
This scribe left his hearing aids at home, so his apprentice, Chuck Foster, PhD who has almost completed his training, came to the rescue and wrote the following summary of Jack’s presentation:
Jack Van Ommen gave an interesting recount of his solo around the world trip in a 30-foot wooden sailboat Fleetwood. He showed a video-slide show with brief glimpses of many of the places he visited, people he met and life at sea. ( A chart showing the route of his trips and his video and other slide shows are listed in his book, “SoloMan, Alone at sea with God and Social Security.”) Many stimulating questions were asked and answered.
He started his adventure after he lost his business in 2000 and used his social security income in 2002 to prepare and equip the Fleetwood. He set sail on February 11, 2005 from Gig Harbor. From then to the Fall of 2013, he visited 51 countries, passed through 565 locks and covered 47,843 nautical miles. His circumnavigation was not complete. Left to reach that goal was a voyage from Gig Harbor to Florida via the Panama Canal.

In September 2013, he set sail from Amsterdam enroute to South America. Unfortunately, he did not make it because he suffered a shipwreck on November 16, 2013 in the Balearic Islands in the Caribbean off the coast of Spain.Jack returned to Gig Harbor where he was fortunate to obtain an identical boat on which he completed his circumnavigation by reaching Florida on March 31, 2017, just missing his goal of doing so by his 80th birthday by 31 days.

On June 22,2017, intending to make the Great Loop through New York, the Great Lakes and down the Mississippi River he ran his second Fleetwood aground on a Barrier Island beach in the Atlantic Ocean. The hull was split. It took him 18 months to repair it. In the winter of 2019-2020 he sailed to St. Martin and other Caribbean countries.

On February 3, 2022, Jack was at it again, that is, wrecking his 2nd Fleetwood. He was on his way from Havana to Rio Dulce, Guatemala and hit a reef after falling asleep just off the coast of Cuba and his boat was demolished. Again, he lost most of his earthly possessions. Now 85 years old, Jack is undeterred and is about to buy in Holland, his native country, what will be his third Fleetwood and take off again.

You can find details of his journeys: in his books and on his website and blog: and


MEETING OF APRIL 12, 2022: Scott Adams- Assistant Chief – West Pierce Fire and Rescue: 911 and how to help if a call is needed.

MEETING OF APRIL 19, 2022: Anthony Shipman, Director of Sales, Chambers Bay Golf Course/ Club Host for the 2022 US Women’s Amateur Golf Championship.


NEW MEMBER APPLICATIONS: We have had several guests recently who have expressed interest in joining us. To join, the prospect must attend 2 club meetings, his name must be published twice in our newsletter and submit an application endorsed by at least one club member sponsor. This gives members the opportunity to comment and then the board will vote on acceptance into membership. Our membership is limited to 100 and over the last several years, we have fallen below that number due to attrition. All members are encouraged to bring guests who may be good prospects for joining us.

At this time, we have 2 pending applications. Anyone having comments to make about the applicants should do so by addressing your comments to Mike Jones, our secretary. His email address is

1. Retired Judge, Jack Emery, Sponsored by Mike Jones and Phil Sloan.
2. Jeff Goodwin, son-in-law of club member Lloyd Elmer.

Respectfully submitted by Phil Sloan, scribe who is enthusiastic about the renewed vigor of our club.



On a nice spring day, it was great to have the largest attendance of the year, including guests interested in joining our band of friends. If this keeps up, we will get off probation with TC&GC.We heard from our recent past president, His Honor, Dick Muri, Mayor of the Town of Steilacoom and long- time proponent of electric vehicles. He gave us an impressive review of battery operated electric vehicles and other environment musings. Dick purchased his first electric car, a Nissan Leaf, in 2013. He has owned electric- powered cars continuously since.There has been controversy lately in the public media in which opponents of electric vehicles (the most vocal of which are rumored to be funded by the petroleum industry) are claiming that the manufacture of batteries and replacing them periodically consumes more resources, including precious metals, and petroleum than regular gasoline powered cars and are therefore not more “green” than gas powered vehicles. Dick responded with impressive statistics to rebut those claims and reminded us that under current Washington law, in 2030 it will be illegal to sell gasoline powered cars.

Around the world, the sales of electric cars is booming. He regaled us with facts of how the longevity and power of batteries is constantly improving. The acceleration of electric cars is phenomenal. The new Toyota Prius Prime can go from stopped to 60 mph in under 2 seconds. In Norway today, more than 80% of all car sales are now electric. One half of the vehicles in China are now electric. Dick calculates the equivalent expense of his current electric car is 70 cents per gallon of gasoline. He said ideally a family should have an all- electric car for short distance driving and a hybrid for long distances.

He supports the “Buy America” philosophy and recommended several American brands. He urged all to attend the National Drive Electric Festival – Steilacoom on September 10, 2022, the first Saturday after Labor Day. Hundreds of electric car owners will be there with their cars to discuss the pros and cons of their cars.


MEETING OF APRIL 5, 2022: JACK VAN OMMEN, Author of SoloMan, Alone at Sea with God and Social Security, on his singlehanded circumnavigation of the globe (in stages) by age 80 in 30 foot sailboats. He recently lost his 3rd boat off the shore of Cuba and is now shopping for another boat to sail off again.

MEETING OF APRIL 12, 2022: KARMAN HECATHORN of the Seattle Mounted Police, with an update on the Mounted Police.

SAVE THIS DATE: JULY 13, 2022: SPRING FLING at the home of Dick Muri. Details to follow.

Respectfully submitted, Phil Sloan, scribe, who is proud that our meetings are much less violent that the Academy Awards Program.



Spring has sprung and like daffodils, our snowbirds and other absentees are starting to pop up at our meetings. While this is encouraging, we have been warned by TC&GC that we must have more members attending in person or we will lose the right to use the room. The revenues from low attendance do not justify the use of the room and the excellent service we have enjoyed for so long. We have an outstanding group of speakers lined up, so if you haven’t been coming, please come back—we miss you and need you to attend.

Today’s speaker was Alice Fong, the delightful CEO of the Center for Ethical Leadership. It is a non-profit based in Seattle which was founded to inspire and prepare diverse people to work collaboratively with a commitment to personal integrity and social justice for all.

After a brief review of its mission and vision, which are in its website , Ms. Fong had the entire group pick a partner to participate in a Core Values Exercise which led to fascinating insight into the core values of our group as a whole, our partner and our own. A copy of that test is available — you are urged to try it — If you send an email to, a copy will be sent to you so you can do the exercise at home- it is worth your while.


MEETING OF MARCH 29, 2022: DICK MURI, Immediate Past President of Cascade Club of Tacoma and Mayor of Steilacoom: An overview of the Electric Vehicle Market.

MEETING OF APRIL 5, 2022: JACK VAN OMMEN, Author of SoloMan Alone at sea with God and Social Security on his single- handed circumnavigation of the globe (in stages) by age 80 in 30 foot sailboats.

MEETING OF APRIL 12, 2002: KARMEN HECKATHORN, of the Seattle Mounted Police with an update of the Seattle Mounted Police.

SAVE THIS DATE: JULY 13, 2022: SPRING FLING PICNIC at the home of Dick Muri. More details later.
Respectively submitted by Phil Sloan, scribe but edited by and published by John McGowen.